Our Philosophy

Finding value in today's market is paramount to portfolio success.  Guiding Mast Investment newsletter focuses on equities exhibiting the best current longer-term value while minimizing risk by offering mainly dividend paying stock and providing an easy tool to determine investment quality. Many subscribers have found our newsletter aids in achieving their financial goals safely and soundly.  

At Guiding Mast Investments, our goal is also to educate our clients with the tools used for better portfolio management.    Using the Modern Portfolio Theory of identifying the client’s risk profile and building a diversified portfolio strategy, Guiding Mast Investments assists in finding the voids in a current portfolio approach and filling those holes with a choice of investment selections.  As our clients move through our educational process, the goal is to have them assume the critical tasks of an appropriate financial navigator and to no longer need our personal services. 

Since a vessel's course location and safe passage is a key element in the success or failure of the journey, the best captains and owners have a working knowledge of the tools of the trade. We believe it is the same philosophy with financial success.  We offer our clients a working knowledge of their portfolio design to help better match their money with their desires. 

Our educational services includes critical topics, such as Personal Risk Analysis, Asset Descriptions and Investment Characteristics, Diversified Portfolio Structure, Alternative Investment Exposure, Equity Quality Ratings for Consistency in Earnings and Dividend Expansion.  In addition, we provide in depth analysis of the importance of dividends and income growth while protecting capital in rising interest rate environments.

The fundamentals of the education can be overlaid with various investment strategies  For example, dividend growth criteria can be implemented within the specific selections of investments, income seekers can focus on yield across different asset classes as an investment selection criteria.

We are not registered investment advisors and our analysis relies on third-party information that is perceived to be correct.  Our advice is not to be taken as specific solicitations to buy or sell certain investments or recommendations based on your personal financial situation.  We do not seek nor do we utilize discretionary investment powers over your assets and you control the investment decisions, selections, and timing of purchases and sales.

Our financial services include a monthly newsletter, which is offered separately from our educational services.  The newsletter offers suggestions for timely stocks for further investment research by readers and is focused on value fundamentals for mainly dividend paying stocks.  In addition, Guiding Mast Investments newsletter covers overall market technical trends using a simple but effective tool to profit when markets rise and to cut losses when the market sells off. 

George C. Fisher, founder of Guiding Mast Investments,  has been involved in investment education since the late 1990s.  Mr. Fisher was the publisher of Power Investing with DRIPs newsletter and has published two books with McGraw Hill,   All About DRIPs and DSPs and The StreetSmart Guide to Overlooked Stocks.  In addition, Mr. Fisher has been a Register Investment Advisor offering portfolio strategies and implementation with a flair for value and income.  

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